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Whether you prefer to manage your mortgage process electronically, or in person, or somewhere in between … Pierremont Mortgage is your best option. Conveniently located in the Bellemead Centre in Shreveport, Pierremont Mortgage offers the full digital processing of your application, including a secure customer portal to manage your application and immediate loan approval issued within our local office. Pierremont Mortgage offers the most competitive interest rates in the marketplace with minimal costs.

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“Trust is everything in life, just as it is when buying a home and getting a mortgage. Denise Brossette is someone I trust wholeheartedly because she earned my trust through honest business and superior customer service.  I am active duty military for the past 30 years, have moved 10 times in those 20 years, and bought five homes.  I have the experience to know good when I see it!”

Naomi A.

“Second time we sought out Denise and her staff to purchase a mortgage. Pierremont Mortgage provides outstanding customer service! They are very good at laying out all the options and assisting with making the best decision for you and your family. Closing was quick and efficient, because Pierremont Mortgage was thorough and organized. Highly recommend their services. “

Shawn G.

“You will never find a lender as professional and dedicated to customer satisfaction than Pierremont Mortgage. Denise Brossette, owner, is extremely knowledgeable about the market and works with each client to provide them with the most suitable loans for their needs. Her expertise in mortgage lending surpasses all others!”

Kimberly L.

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5 Things to Consider Before Financing Your Home

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The purchase process involves several steps and service providers. Looking at the entire picture helps you understand what to expect.

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Pierremont Mortgage Blog

The Mortgage Solution

The Mortgage Solution

Are you eager to buy, but need help with a down payment? The Purchase Solution Mortgage may be the key to securing your new home. Available to buyers purchasing homes in Caddo or Desoto Parishes, the Purchase Solution Mortgage’s grant dollars can fund your down...

VA Loans

VA Loans

In 2019, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the original GI Bill, which created the VA Home Loan benefit for Veterans.  In recognition of the Veteran's service to the Nation, one of the benefits provided by the GI Bill is the availability...

Rural Development Mortgage from USDA

Rural Development Mortgage from USDA

Are you considering purchasing a home that is located outside the city limits?  One of the popular choices for a mortgage is the Zero Down Payment, Rural Development Program, which is guaranteed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. This mortgage program is...

Denise Brossette is the owner of Pierremont Mortgage, Inc., a local independent mortgage banker located in Shreveport, Louisiana.   She has over 35 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, and writes blogs and articles for the industry, as well as appearing as a guest speaker at the local universities.

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